Hunting Field Formatter for Antzzz

Originally written by an unknown player on Antzzz. Edited and added to by Toon Lunk / Iorios. Uses pure JavaScript, HTML, and now, CSS.

Original link:


  1. You can either copy your inbox messages, or now with the new update, right click *anywhere* on the inbox page, click "Select All", right click again, and click "Copy". Or, go to your inbox, press CTRL+A, then CTRL+C.

  2. Go to the formatter page. Paste your clipboard, or click on the white box, and press CTRL+V.

  3. Click on the "Formatter" button.

  4. Copy the text (same way as before), OR use the new button "Copy Text". Click this button to automatically copy the output.

  5. Done. You can now paste this formatted text in the message boards (or PMs), and it will be formatted properly, with some helpful extra information.

Update log

04/10/2021 | Update 1

02/11/2021 | Update 2

05/11/2021 | Update 3